The cause of baldness, the dht, we didn't discover it, it was discovered a few years ago, the right question is: "If the cause has been discovered why do the big brands continue to sell products that are useless?" maybe because people are not informed and the only thing that interests some companies is invoicing...

Know that today there are ONLY TWO things that are approved by medicine and that really work against hair loss, the first are the 1mg finasteride-based medicine that act on dht, have a rather high cost, but the real problem is not the price, the problem is the VERY IMPORTANT SIDE EFFECTS they can have. The second is a chemical compound called minoxidil which acts from the outside by lengthening the anagen phase of the hair, goes together with a finasteride 1mg, but even the latter can have side effects.
The natural alternative to finasteride 1mg is called serenoa repens, this unlike the drug does not have its side effects, but alone is not strong enough to stop the fall and free the bulbs.

And this is where we come in, we have developed this formula by carrying out numerous researches on the studies of all plants that have shown anti-dht effects.
We were thus able to create a composition, using the right titrations, which works and has no side effects, THE MOST COMPLETE NATURAL ANTI DHT IN THE WORLD, we also managed to replace the minoxidil lotion with a patented substance called kopyrrol®, a molecule similar to minoxidil, but which in studies has shown better results and no side effects, is present in our shampoo and in our lotion, all completely made in Italy.