About Us

I introduce myself, I am Dr. Irti and I am the creator of the Hair Army brand.
(If you want to see a photo of me I'm on LinkedIn).
The only goal, to try to create products against hair loss that not only really worked, but that were the best in its category and at affordable prices, treatment must be within everyone's reach, not just for those who can afford it.
It took some time but we have succeeded, I hope you can enjoy our products and I hope I have given hope to all the people who suffer from a very common problem, know you are not the only one in this battle , know that even I have been through it and that I myself use the products I created, from all this comes the idea of ​​creating HAIR ARMY, we are the army, join the battle, enlist.
Thanks to all the researchers who contributed to the cause and a special thanks to the doctors who, in addition to having contributed to the development of the formulations, provided their own production lines to carry out this project.