The cause lies in DHT.
DHT is a naturally produced metabolite in our body. It is a derivative of testosterone produced through the 5 Alpha Reductase enzyme.
If produced in excessive quantities, or if you are too susceptible to it, it is particularly damaging to hair follicles, leading to the death of hair bulbs and hair.
DHT appears to be the main cause of androgenetic alopecia (common baldness), this causes follicular miniaturization and, subsequently, atrophy of the bulb which definitively ends the hair growth cycle.

For this reason we at Hair Army have decided to create the most complete products on the market able to counteract hair loss, not the usual vitamins passed off as a miraculous cure, but products that really works.

From the menu above, by clicking on "Our Ingredients" you can learn more about the dht and the ingredients used in our products, you will also find bibliographic references that you can consult to deepen your interest.

Do not waste time, if the bulb atrophies completely then it will no longer be possible to save it, start the treatment as soon as possible.